Monday, December 27, 2010

Differences Between Antrochoanal Polypi and Ethmoidal Polypi

Features Antrochoanal Polypi Ethmoidal Polypi
Age Common in children Common in adults
Aetiology Infection Allergy or multifactorial
Number Solitary Multiple
Laterality Unilateral Bilateral
Origin Maxillary sinus near the ostium Ethmoidal sinuses, uncinate process, middle turbinate & middle meatus
Growth Grows backwards to the choana; may hang down behind the soft palate Mostly grow anteriorly and may present at the nares
Size & Shape Trilobed with antral, nasal and choanal parts. Choanal part may protrude through the choana and fill the nasopharynx, obstructing both sides Usually small and grape-like masses
Recurrence Uncommon, if removed completely Common
Treatment Polypectomy; Endoscopic removal or Caldwell-Luc operation if recurrent Polypectomy; Endoscopic surgery or ethmoidectomy (which may be intranasal, extranasal or transantral)

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